Cryptozoology Research Team Photos

CRT is comprised of a group of individuals with a strong interest in the science of cryptozoology. In 2006 retired micro-biologist Peter G. Beach accompanied an expedition investigating a possible living prosauropod dinosaur in the rivers of Cameroon. Then, in 2007 he began conducting field research on reports of possible living pterosaurs in remote areas of the Pacific Northwest. Assisted by brothers Timothy and Phillip Wade, they made a series surprising observations that lead to more research projects. When not on the field, Timothy is a graphic designer and his 3D models of dinosaurs and cryptids are featured on this site. Phillip organizes potential leads and collects information useful to the research. He also is a website designer and founder of Ambition Pictures. From Lake Okanagan to Lake Erie, CRT is on the cutting-edge of reptilian and dinosaurian cryptozoological studies.