Triceratops no slouch, new forelimb study reveals

“The three-horned dinosaur Triceratops may have had a more upright, athletic  posture than thought, new anatomical evidence suggests. Researchers say Triceratops’  forelimbs may have resembled those of a large mammal, kept closer to its body  than the forelimbs of reptiles and amphibians that typically have a lower, more  sprawling posture.”

It now appears there is more evidence to support the possibility that  most of the larger dinosaurs are more mammal-like.  Read more on LiveScience

3 Responses to Triceratops no slouch, new forelimb study reveals

  1. Danpiersean Craibrosnnery says:

    The tyrany of words… We need classifications to organize and simplify our thinking processes, but the very classifications prevent us to realize that each thing is a thing. “Dinosaurs” is a very broad name that nowadays seems to mean “whatever big, strange, terrestrial, old, possibly reptilian birdlike or mamallian beast of a long gone era – that looks like a dinosaur”.

  2. DinoDude says:

    Around 100 years after Tri were so called discovered and only now they are coming up with the idea of a possibility that it could be different than the 100 years of researchers inspecting these bones before them?
    It is becoming very obvious that the catch all organization of ‘science’ will make any claim no matter how stupid or insulting.

  3. Thor says:

    @dinodude- I hope you realise that science never has all the answers, it never will, 100 plus years of research is barely enough to identify a creature that lived 65 million years ago, that and the sheer amount of fossils that could be mixed together means that we will be learning more about them for hundreds of years to come

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