Russian Priest tells of Pterosaur Encounter

PteranodonHere’s an interesting account, which indicates that a few pterosaurs may have survived in China into relatively recent times. At the end of the 19th century, a Russian Orthodox saint named Saint Barsanuphius was stationed in Manchuria to pastor the Russian soldiers during the Russian-Japanese War [Feb 10, 1904 - Sept 5, 1905] From there he wrote in his journal:

“I happened to hear from soldiers that stand at the posts at the Hantanza station, forty miles from Mullin, that two years ago they often saw an enormous winged dragon creep out from one of the mountain caves. It terrified them, and would again conceal itself in the depths of the cave. They have not seen it since that time, but this proves that the tales of the Chinese and Japanese about the existence of dragons are not all fantasies or fables, although the learned European naturalists, and ours along with them, deny the existence of these monsters. But after all anything can be denied, simply because it does not measure up to our understanding.”1

Many would agree with Barsanuphius that the numerous stories from Asia regarding dragons must have a basis in reality. One plausible explanation is that a few dinosaurs and pterosaurs did survive until recently in the vast regions of the continent. Perhaps, maybe a few still linger.


  1. H. Damascene Ancient Chinese History in the Light of The Book of Genesis:

5 Responses to Russian Priest tells of Pterosaur Encounter

  1. ariel says:

    such a nice story im asking until now the said cave no any scientist entered that tunnel until so we discover about there fussil

  2. robert says:

    The caption says pterosaur, the eyewitness says dragon. A dragon is not a pterosaur! Maybe if it looked like a great flying leather bird they would have said pterosaur. Don’t assume dragons did not exist or are extinct. The Bible accounts in Job 40 and 41 of the behemoth and the leviathon(dragon) and those accounts were after the flood only 4000 years ago.

  3. Greg Morgan says:

    In the early fall of 1957 my father, John Morgan, was scouting for deer in southeastern Utah, near Monticello. He saw a large but unusual “bird” on the floor of a canyon, and approached it. It was “the size of a 32-gallon oil barrel”. When it was scared up, it flew, flapping from the elbows out, unlike any birds, which flap from the shoulders out. My dad told us about it when I was in my teens – about 1968. He said that it had leathery wings. In 2000, after I got interested in pterosaurs, I asked him about it; by then he had memory problems and he no longer remembered the leathery wings, but demonstrated the flight, flapping his arms from the elbows only. He grew up hunting and fishing in southeast Missouri, and lived as a cross-country truck driver. He was an excellent observer of wildlife. I have little doubt that he saw a living pterosaur.

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