Loch Ness Monster-Like Animal Filmed in Alaska

“A video from 2009 shows something mysterious moving across the surface of the sea that resembles an Alaskan version of the Loch Ness monster. Some are claiming that the animal is a “Cadborosaurus,” a type of reptile or lizard that got its name from Cadboro Bay, in British Columbia. They say that what’s in the video is a sea serpent that dwells in the North Pacific and possibly other regions.”

Discovery News has reported the the legendary Cadborosaurus has finally been videotaped. Though the footage has not been released, it has become quite a popular topic of discussion in the field of cryptozoology. You can read more here


One Response to Loch Ness Monster-Like Animal Filmed in Alaska

  1. Mr.Champlain says:

    …It may be related to sauropods, but sure not plesiosaurs.

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